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Hello World!

So here I am writing my first blog…….ever.  I’ve really been meaning to do this for quite a while, and I’ve finally done it.  I always thought blogging was very narcissistic, and maybe it is, but what the heck – I decided to start blogging because I’d like to share my thoughts on a few things regarding eating fresh and local produce, and also to share my passion for food. I hope that my blog will generate and provoke thoughts amongst others, and maybe influence a little too. 

If you read the bit ‘about me’, you will realise that I am passionate about food, and more specifically, I am passionate about creating food for my family and friends that is healthy and wholesome, and where possible, made from produce that is responsibly and locally sourced.  I know that lots of people don’t really care about where their food comes from as long as it tastes good and satisfies them, and I know that relatively speaking there are more important and life threatening things to consider in the world (although how we source our food does affect the impact we have on the environment which in turn affects the globally poor, but that’s another blog!).  But I hope my blog might just make those people think twice to maybe make one or two small changes to the way they eat and/or source their food.  And there are some people who not only don’t care where their food comes from, but they also just don’t care about food – it’s purely functional to them – and I totally CAN’T relate to that – sorry!  I’d love my blog to spark an interest for food these people to feel more passionate about what they buy and consume – even just a teensy bit! 

My personal view is that there are quite a lot of justifiable, valid and persuasive reasons why it is important to source food locally and more responsibly.  My intention is to write a brief list of some of these reasons ‘why’, and then I’ll go into more detail on each of the reasons in future blogs (I think!).  So, I am going to be very disciplined now and keep it brief by writing a list (without explanations) of some of my reasons why I think it is good and important to source food locally and responsibly.  When we buy responsibly and locally sourced food:

  1. It is better for the environment – on many different levels – but a couple of reasons being that our food travels less so apart from tasting better and fresher, it’s better for the environment in terms of reducing carbon emissions, and uses less fuel thus reducing fuel consumption and the energy required to produce the fuel.
  2. We are supporting local farmers and producers.
  3. We are contributing more to the local economy and that of our community.
  4. We contribute to, and advocate, a more sustainable food system.
  5. We are being more responsible and less selfish as consumers. 
  6. We are helping to preserve the agricultural landscape of Britain and the natural habitats that are within the green landscape!
  7. Food sourced locally is fresher.
  8. Food sourced locally is healthier.
  9. Food sourced locally is tastier.
  10. Food sourced locally is more community orientated.
  11. We learn more about our food (eg. what is in season) and it’s origins.

So – that’s my first draft of a list.  I’ll be adding to it and expanding on various points in future blogs.


About Jenna

I am passionate about food, and about creating food for my family and friends that is healthy and wholesome.


One thought on “Hello World!

  1. brilliant – can’t wait to read and learn more

    Posted by stu | June 18, 2010, 12:27 pm

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