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Pasties (not quite Cornish and a bit of Yorkshire!)

In an endeavour to continue to avoid buying too many processed food products, I decided to make pasties for the children’s lunchboxes this week.  I recently saw The Fabulous Baker Brothers (otherwise known as Tom & Henry Herbert) making pasties on TV, and felt inspired to do the same. I must say, I am becoming very fond of the Baker Brothers, and I do think that they are indeed quite fabulous!  I saw them “live” at a food festival (Love Food Festival) in Bristol a couple of years ago, and that was really the first time I’d come across them. I really like their obvious passion for food, and not just any food, but  good quality, locally sourced, responsibly sourced proper food – all the things I love too! If you haven’t really come across them then here is a link to Hobbs House Bakery, the home of the Baker Brothers and their long-standing family run business, where you can find out loads more information on their Bakery, Butchery, Bistro and Cookery School. I learnt a lot about them the other day looking at their website, and now I just really want to go and visit!  I think I’m going to have to find a way of orchestrating a trip there very soon!


Anyway, I digress.  So, I looked up Cornish Pasty recipes online and, not surprisingly, found quite a few!  I decided to opt for a Cornish Pasty (I say “Cornish” but I can’t really claim it is Cornish being made in Yorkshire with Yorkshire ingredients!) and followed Paul Hollywood’s recipe which I got on the BBC Food site (follow the link to get the recipe Paul Hollywood’s Classic Cornish Pasty Recipe).  I’ve not quite mastered the art of pastry yet, so I don’t yet find it a quick and easy thing to rustle up, so must confess I used bought pastry for speeds-sake this time (sorry Paul!).  Next time however, I will definitely be making my own.  Although shop bought pastry is fine, it does not compare to home-made.  Making your own also means you can also avoid any nasty preservatives and use less salt too. I used beef skirt from our amazing local butchers Hutchinson’s of Ripley (quick plug for them if you live nearby me as they are absolutely fabulous, really knowledgeable and helpful, and source all their meat locally. They even deliver locally too!).  The pasties were really good – the meat was really tender and a good balance of meat and vegetable – definitely worth the effort of making, although I didn’t find they really were much effort at all.  I actually forgot to add a knob of butter on top of the filling in each pasty – I’m sure the butter would enhance the taste and make it slightly more moist, but it wasn’t a problem, and actually ended up making them lower fat!  As they were such a hit with the family, I’ll definitely be making some more, but I think I might be a little more adventurous next time and try another filling – I’m currently contemplating chicken and spiced sweet potato….watch this space!


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