I am passionate about food!  I love spending time in the kitchen creating new flavours and dishes from raw ingredients.  I love eating and discovering new things and flavours.  And I love feeding people – especially my family and friends.  Wherever possible I try to make wholesome, healthy food that is made from responsibly and locally sourced produce.  I believe it is important to look after what we are given in life – our bodies, our families, each other, our communities, and the physical world around us.  I think that by making small choices about what we eat, consume and endorse, we can make a massive difference not only to how much we enjoy and appreciate what we consume, but also to how future generations will be free to enjoy them too.  I am not a die-hard environmentalist, and I am far from sorted in terms of being “green”, but I do want to do my bit to help keep the earth as it should be and respect what God made for us.  I try my best to recycle, to support local farmers and producers, to eat and cook healthily, to do some exercise (although this is a work in progress), oh and I think world peace would be good too!  I’m a huge advocate for the family meal – traditional Italian style (all generations of the family together enjoying a home cooked meal) – but I think that sadly, eating together and sharing our lives over a meal is a dying habit in contemporary British society.  I’d like to get more people to care about these things which is why I am writing this blog. 

I am privileged to have a beautiful little family – my husband and I have three precious children – and we live in one of the most fabulous parts of England (well we think so anyway!).   Some of my biggest passions are spending quality time with my family, cooking and eating (of course), travelling and exploring new places, spending time with old friends and new friends, making something from nothing, taking photos of anything that intrigues me, being by the sea, being in the middle of green hills, painting (although I rarely seem to find the time to do this at the moment), listening to music and singing loudly (when no-one else is around), meandering around narrow cobbled streets and discovering pretty things – especially in Italy, oh and I love Italy (and all things Italian – especially the food and art!).



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