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Pasties (not quite Cornish and a bit of Yorkshire!)

In an endeavour to continue to avoid buying too many processed food products, I decided to make pasties for the children’s lunchboxes this week.  I recently saw The Fabulous Baker Brothers (otherwise known as Tom & Henry Herbert) making pasties on TV, and felt inspired to do the same. I must say, I am becoming very … Continue reading

Bread and other Bready Goodies!

I’ve recently discovered that I can indeed bake bread! I have been using the ‘River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook’ by Nikki Duffy, quite a lot recently, and a fair few recipes from this book seem to have become a part of my regular repertoire. If you haven’t got this book and have a baby … Continue reading

Granny’s Flapjacks

When I was about 11 years old I went to stay with my Granny.  She’d prepared lots of treats for me, but the treat that stood out most was of the edible kind, and it was her homemade flapjacks.  I remember that Granny had cut them up into cute little squares – they were soft, buttery and divine!  A few … Continue reading

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