Doves Farm Quick Yeast

Doves Farm Yeast

I love this little orange bag of yeasty goodnesss! I actually get a bit stressed if/when I have to use an alternative yeast as I’ve become so reliant on this brand. I first bought it about 4 years ago which was around the time that my bread making started to improve – I’m sure it’s not purely down to the yeast, but for now, I’m staying faithful to this little one! I mentioned this product in my bread recipe (see here Quick Bread Recipe) and currently use it in all my bread baking.

Doves Farm Yeast is suitable for all all bread baking, and what I like about it is that there is no need to dissolve it or anything beforehand – you can just add it straight to your dry ingredients. It is also much better value than buying individual sachets.  This yeast is Gluten Free, Wheat Free and suitable for Vegans.  Follow the link to the Doves Farm website for more information on Doves Farm Quick Yeast and other Doves Farm products.



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